Why Real Soap is Good for Your Skin – Feel the Difference

This is a question we get asked by people who have never used a real soap.  What do I mean by real soap?  Real soap is made from natural oils and not from synthetic detergents.  Synthetic detergents were designed to help water react with oil, making the oil easier to remove. This is particularly useful if you are cleaning a car engine or removing industrial oils from a machine.  It is less useful if the surface being stripped of oil is your skin.  Think of the phrase ” squeaky clean”; the squeak comes from the removal of oils from the surface of your skin.

Real soap is made from a wide range of natural oils and butters.  Real soap does not strip away the natural oils from your skin.  The ingredients in real soap have a range of beneficial qualities that are know to be good for you skin. For example, olive oil , castor oil , and avocado oil , are known for their moisturizing and therapeutic qualities. The same is true of shea and cocoa butters.  This is one reason why you can wash your face with real soap, leaving your face feeling soft and smooth; while synthetic detergent bars leave your face feeling dry and rough.

Real soap will be made with a high percentage of these beneficial natural oils and will not contain sodium laurel sulfate or sodium tallowate ( beef/lamb tallow). When you use real soap, you may feel like there is something on you skin after washing.  There is, it is the natural oil of you skin and a trace amount of the beneficial oils from the real soap.

At Green Hill Soaps, we want our customers to know what is in the soap they use. The ingredients are included in the description of each product.  If you look through our Soap Facts , you can find more information about each ingredient and links to additional information.

Please join us in a conversation about your skin, your soap and your beauty needs.  The more we know about you, the better our soap can be.  We are committed to providing great soap for beautiful skin.  As we like to say:

Feel the Difference