Olive You Babe – Olive Oil Soap

Olive Oil Soap This Olive Oil Soap is a fragrance free soap, with just a touch a Castor Oil. This is a version of the original beneficial soap that has been used for centuries. Soaps like this are great for people with dry, cracked, sensitive or delicate skin. They are soft enough to bathe a baby.  When you use this soap you will feel the difference immediately.

Olive Oil soaps have been known throughout history as the most gentle of all soaps. This soap is 90% Olive Oil and 10% Castor Oil. This is also a "supper-fatted" soap which means some of the Olive and Castor oils remain, giving the soap a soft moisturizing feel. This kind of soap has been known as Castile Soap, Marseilles Soap, Nabulsi Soap, and Aleppo Soap. Over the centuries, soaps like this have washed babies and lovers, women and men, mothers and fathers, and now it washes you.

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