Moulin Rouge – Magnificant French Red Clay Soap

French Red Clay Soap French Red Clay is what makes Moulin Rouge our premier face soap. Scented with the essential oil of French Bourbon Geranium, choreographed with Cocoa Butter, Olive and Safflower oil; this soap is blushing with French Red Clay imported from France.

Moulin Rouge Soap with with French Red Clay has very gentle exfoliation and significant moisturizing qualities.  Beneficial Olive oil and Safflower oils refresh your skin. The fine French Clay we use, is delicate but has just enough texture to gently remove dry skin and leave your skin feeling smooth and soft. The fragrance has a soft feminine scent.

This soap is a perfect way to begin your day or start any beauty regime. This soap is gentle enough that you can use it on your face. It does not strip out the natural oils of your skin, but rather leaves a slight trace of moisturizing olive and safflower oils.

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