Bay Rum Soap Bar

Bay Rum soap bar is a man's soap, made with Palm, Coconut, Castor and Sunflower oils, then touched with the fragrance of Bay Rum. This is a bar of soap with great lather and a fresh clean smell. It is perfect for the men in the house and popular with men and boys of all ages. Teenage boys will love the manly fragrance and the oils have beneficial qualities. This is particularly true of Castor Oil. The Palm and Coconut oils provide lather and hardness to the bar.  This makes it perfect for the shower, after the gym or a long run. This soap can be used around the house and in the kitchen.  It will clean, but not dry out your skin. It can also be used as a shampoo and for shaving. It is perfect for the man that travels and wants to enjoy a great soap, even when on the road.

What makes this soap special is how terrific it feels when it is used in the shower. As the Palm and Coconut oils lather and clean, the smell of Bay drifts through the steam. The whole experience of taking a shower changes. And after the shower, your skin feels moisturized and fresh.

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