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find the perfect soap for you. All our soaps are made with soothing natural oils and beneficial butters.  All our soap is gentle and supper-fatted, so they are great for people with dry or sensitive skin. Our soap is formulated to be gentle to the skin, yet cleansing.  Some of our soaps have fragrance from essential oils. Other soaps are fragrance free. Some soaps contain botanicals, such as Calendula petals or oat meal. While other soap contains coarse or fine-grained Himalayan Salt.  We also have soap made with wild flower honey from our own bee hives.

What’s in our Soap Shop

We have organized our Soap Shop by categories to make it easier for you to find what you want and need. There are soaps for the bath and for the kids;  for your face and when you need to relax. Get soap bars for men and for the home and garden. If you are a Doctor, take a break from the detergents and disinfectants.  When you wash with our soaps, you will have a new experience; the natural oils of your skin will not be stripped away.  As we like to say: You can…

Feel the Difference!

  • Bath Soaps Bath Soaps

    These soaps are for the bath or the shower. They are delicate to your skin, but very cleansing. Your skin will be refreshed with a light trace of the natural oils we use to make our soaps. If you have dry, rough, or sensitive skin, all these soaps are gentle and soothing. Items that are fragrance free will say fragrance free in the description. Great skin care begins with splendid hand made soap.

  • Mens Mens' Soaps

    These soaps are made for men. Each has great lather, great cleansing, and great fragrance. They are perfect after playing sports, working in the garden, or cooling off after a hot day. Many of these soaps can be used to wash your hair and shave. When you use these soaps, whether to bath or shave, remember to feel the difference.

  • Spa Soaps Spa Soaps

    Spa Soaps are for those moments when you need some time to your self and a little pampering. Made with natural oils and butters, beneficial clays and salts, they are perfect for a hot bath or a gentle cleansing of your face body or feet, at the end of the day. These bars are designed to help you relax, and be as beautiful as you are.

  • Salt Soaps Salt Soaps

    Salt Soaps are a world unto themselves, cleansing, with wonderful lather and natural exfoliation. We make these soaps with coarse and fine Himalayan Salt and other fine salts sourced from around the world. If you have never washed with a Salt Soap, you are in for a treat.

  • Fun Soaps Fun Soaps

    These soaps are pure fun. Colorful, easy on the skin, fun in the bath are all qualities of these soaps. These soaps are made with the same beneficial ingredients as all our other soaps. They are great as gifts, fun for kids, pretty to look at, and fun to use. Everyone gets the benefits of our other soaps, while bathing with a soap designed for fun. Your kids will love them. So will you!

  • House & Garden House & Garden

    These soaps are perfect for use around the house and after working in the garden. All these soaps are cleansing without drying out your skin. Each is made with natural butters and oils and gently scented with essential oils. The salt soaps have extra scrubbing and cleansing, perfect for those who love to work out doors. Take a look at these soaps and find a few that are perfect for you.

  • Fine Clay Soap Fine Clay Soap

    All these soaps are made with fine clay imported from France or Morocco. These clays are ground to a fine powder producing a soap that is both moisturizing and has very gentle exfoliation. The fine French and Rhassoul Clays we use, are delicate but have just enough texture to gently remove dry skin and leave your skin feeling smooth and soft.